I've been to Dr.Ramya 3 months ago for weight gain and have increased 5Kgs. Thank you mam for the diet chart which helped me in a healthy weight gain.


Dr Ramya Sadaram is a very friendly doctor. She took her time in explaining the disease very clearly. She is very sweet and made us very comfortable. Thank you so much Dr Ramya.

Priti Dubey

I would highly recommend Ramya mam to all my friends and family. Thank you Dr.Ramya for answering all my questions and making me stop worrying.

L Satyapriya

I feel so much better after madam's treatment. I was suffering from PCOS problem for over 5 years. I tried lot of doctors and medicines but nothing worked. Dr.Ramya gave me diet and lifestyle change regime to follow, which i did and i saw great results. I finally conceived with my first baby. Thank You madam.

Venkata Rohini

Dr. Ramya Sadaram helped us to realize our dream of having children.She answered all our questions and guided us with key changes in lifestyle and diet. she simply changed our lives forever.

Ruchi Sharma

Dr Ramya is an one of the best gynaecologist. Thank u so much Maam.

Swapna Chekuri

I came across with Dr Ramya from one of my colleagues who had same PCOD problem. The experience was truly overwhelming in my first month itself. She was very genuine. She helped me, get my life back.

Vandana Sethi

Dr. Ramya is our family doctor and we trust her for all health issues in our family. She is genuine and we are so happy to have her as our doctor

Peela Ramesh

Dr.Ramya was my doctor for my first pregnancy and helpe me with great professionalism. Thank you mam.

Prathima Reddy

She examines patiently and provides detailed explanation. She listens keenly to our problems and gives proper medications. She was very kind to me and i felt very safe in her hands. She is very friendly and positive.

Sulthana Begum

Dr.Ramya gave answer all our questions without hesitation. I’m very happy with the consultation. We will continue consultation with her throughout my pregnancy and will definitely recommend her to our friends and family.

Deepika Tiwari

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